Jessica Gaffney,

Years of Excellence and Experience

Jessica Gaffney has taken her lessons learned from years as a premium services executive in professional sports, including the NFL and many of the industry’s premier events, to create a solution that enables teams to elevate the premium client experience through increased engagement, greater efficiency and added value, driving retention rates like never before.

Throughout her career, Jessica learned from her peers throughout the industry that their challenges were the same, regardless of league, team, or organization. Premium seat holders are most likely sophisticated clientele who are not easily impressed. Seeing an opportunity to bring value to that audience and provide a greater return on their business investment, Jessica pursued her idea of making waves in the premium seating industry and launched Wavework Inc. in January 2016.

Our extensive experience and industry-wide research has shown that, in the mobile-first world we have all grown accustomed to, customers are leading the charge for a service based technology solution requesting ease of use, real-time responsiveness and feedback, team connectivity and simple access to their exclusive benefits.

The unique differentiator that positions Concierge as an expert in the space is that our founder has lived in the world of its end users. This is a powerful tech solution created by someone who truly understands the unique challenges of the premium service business. Our goal is to collaborate with organizations to create the ultimate experience for their most valued clientele. Wavework Concierge is a reflection of Jessica’s deep understanding and true appreciation for elevating the premium customer experience.