All the features you want,
none of the hassle

Concierge goes beyond gameday… it’s about the total experience. Forget in-season versus off-season. Premium service is a year-round season. Concierge creates a year-round connected and engaged premium community.

User Experience

By removing pain points from the customer experience, you distinguish your team as one who “just gets it” in the highly competitive hospitality industry. By maintaining seamless best-in-class practices and maximizing clients’ benefits redemption, you’ll make a positive impact every day: resulting in easier, more consistent renewal rates.

Valuable Insights

While elevating the premium experience, teams capture valuable analytics gaining instant insight into client satisfaction with opportunity for service recovery in real-time as well as the ability to track and manage service team performance.

Web Based TECH

Concierge is a web-based, mobile friendly platform comprised of a powerful premium client gameday/event app, an interactive premium client web portal, and a customized team dashboard.
Comprehensive Dashboard for Easy Navigation
Intuitively designed dashboard customized with your team’s logo and colors.
Sync Wavework Concierge with some of the most popular sports CRMs.
Integrate Wavework Concierge features into your own mobile app or website with our developer API.

Live Polling for Insightful Event Feedback
Gain valuable insight and measure client satisfaction with opportunity for service recovery in real time.
Revenue Generating Capabilities
Open new and customized sponsorship opportunities with a high value digital asset.
Live Chat
Enable instant response to your premium clientele driving satisfaction.
View, Manage and Customize Events
Provide ease of access to available events including detailed information for a seamless experience.
Facilitate Requests and Redeem Unique Benefits
Streamline communication and provide one-stop access to maximize client benefits redemption.