About WaveWork

About The Company

Wavework is a one-stop VIP experience management platform that gives professional sports teams and their premium buyers a clear and continuous view into the value of their relationship. Wavework evolves with your business through open, easy integration of all your current digital platforms, while delivering real-time, next-level insights that drive superior experiences and revenue-generating relationships. Engineered from 20 years’ industry experience, and now reinforced by leading insights technology, Wavework has completely revitalized our personalization and optimization capabilities to offer the highest level of customization and monetization to make it easier than ever for your clients to invest in you.

Today’s consumers expect all experiences to be convenient, frictionless, and responsive. The future of premium will be defined by access that Wavework delivers. Every other aspect of your business has gone digital — it’s time premium does too. 

Meet the Founder

Jessica Gaffney

Jessica Gaffney has taken her lessons learned from years as a premium services executive in professional sports (including the NFL and many of the industry’s premier events) to create a solution that empowers teams to streamline and modernize the premium experience. Throughout her career, Jessica learned from her peers in the industry that their challenges were the same; regardless of league, team, or organization. Recognizing an opportunity to eliminate the most persistent pain points and improve efficiency to increase revenue and retention, Jessica pursued her idea of making waves in the premium seating industry. She launched Wavework Inc. in January 2016. The key differentiator that uniquely positions Wavework to disrupt the space is that the software platform is engineered by a team with fundamental industry experience. Our vision and intention is to collaborate with organizations to add inherent value to their existing efforts. What’s more, Wavework creates efficiency and distinction to enable next-level performance through our unified platform. Wavework Concierge is a reflection of Jessica’s deep understanding and true appreciation for elevating the premium customer experience.